Kınık Tarihçe

Mineral Qualities of Kınık Mineral Water

According to the medical balneological evaluation, report prepared by Prof.Dr. M.Zeki Karagülle,the Head of The Medical Ecology and Hydroclimatology Department of The Medical Faculty of İstanbul University, the mineral values of the Kınık natural mineral water with rich minerals and the benefits of health are as below:

Recommended Daily Amount: 1300 mg/l, It facilitates digestion by supporting stomach and small bowel activities. It helps protect kidney and urinary tract health.

Recommended Daily Amount: 500-2400 mg/l, It helps regulate hypertension.

Önerilen Günlük Miktar: 1.5-4 mg/l, It helps prevent the dental cavities at teenagers and children. A supportive at bone and tooth development.It is effective in preventing osteoporosis.It helps the heart muscles and striated muscles to function adequately.

Kınık : Maden Suyu Hakkında

Recommended Daily Amount: 300-350 mg/l, It relieves the increased magnesium requirement after exercise, during pregnancy-lactation periods at old age.

Recommended Daily Amount: 500 mg/l, Recommended Daily Amount: 500 mg/l, It helps provide strengthen bones and teeth. It is supportive of prevention of rickets disease.

The Unknown Benefits of
Kınık Mineral Water

What is the difference between ‘’Mineral water’’ and ‘’soda’’ ?
Mineral water, together with all the minerals and carbon dioxide gas it contains comes out on the earth by finding a way from underground cracks and it is completely a ‘’natural’’ drink. Whereas Soda is completely an "artificial" drink which is produced by pressing carbon dioxide gas to the water and water drinks during production.

Is the mineral water asidic ?
What is mentioned among people as "acid" is the "carbon dioxide" gas in your drink. Carbon dioxide gas facilitates drinking as it temporarily benumbs the taste sensors in our tongue. Special carbon dioxide gas, which is produced at % 99,99 purity, is used for food production in fizzy drinks.

How much mineral water should we consume daily?
The rich minerals contained in natural waters help the functions vitamins in our bodies. Especially children, ladies and old people need to drink more mineral water due to its rich minerals such as calcium and fluoride. Experts recommend consuming at least 2 litres of "beneficial fluid" such as water and mineral water a day.

Is it harmful for children to drink mineral water?
Mineral water has no any harm to our bodies but on the contrary has numerous benefits. Children in the age of growth need more minerals like calcium, iron, zinc and fluoride than adults. The best way to meet this need is to consume plenty of milk and mineral water. Calcium that the mineral water contains helps develop the bone structure and fluoride on the other hand is useful for the development of oral and dental health.

Can mineral water be drunk in pregnancy?
Pregnancy is a period that should be paid particular attention to feeding. Body needs more food, liquids, minerals and vitamins than normal to feed and help develop the baby. It is recommended consuming mineral water on a regular basis in pregnancy in order to provide this contribution naturally.

Is mineral water useful for skin?
Mineral water in terms of the rich minerals it contains, is also useful for skin as in many parts of our body

Does the mineral water make stones in kidney?
Insufficient fluid consumption causes the formation of kidney stones. In other words, the formation of kidney stones occurs rapidly on people who do not consume sufficient and regular amount of water and mineral water throughout their life. People who came into this condition and had kidney stones are not recommended to consume mineral water.

How much is annual consumption of mineral water per capita in Europe and Turkey?
While 150 litres of mineral water is consumed per person in Europe, this ratio is less than 3 liters consumed in Turkey. Our country has the richest geography in terms of natural mineral waters of Europe but only 1% of this source, which is 65 million litres per year, is bottled on the other hand, 99% of it is unfortunately wasted.

As Having similar proportions between Europe and us in consumption of milk and dairy products, interesting tables related to national nutrition culture are emerging. For example, thanks to this nutrition culture while diseases like osteoporosis are rarely heard in Europe, bone resorption rates in certain age and gender groups in Turkey can reach up to 30%. The reason for this difference is hidden in the amount of milk and natural waters consumed regularly throughout life and in natural mineral water taken in this way

Will mineral water spoil after the expiration date?
Mineral water will never spoil unless the crown cap is opened. The only reason for the expiration date of products is that carbon dioxide gas escapes and decreases only out of lid and packaging when a certain period of time has elapsed.