With Inherent Purity and Health…

The story of Kınık all started by exploring a natural source of mineral water while Murat Arıç,who used to be known with his hunting interest,was hiking on the foothills of Mount Uludağ in 1952. Murat Arıç, having the idea of processing of this source that offers health and coolness, established one of the most established soft drink brands of Turkey.

Kınık, working as a limited company after mechanizations and installations, succeded in becoming the most wellknown brand of natural mineral water in Turkey in a short time. Kınık mineral water, which was offerred on sale as healthy water in pharmacies, got the title of ‘’Kınık Mineral Waters Inc.’’ under the charge of M.Rauf Arınç in 1972.

Kınık,which reached the far locations of Turkey keeping up with rapid installation and technological improvements, has become the one of the three brands of industry within an effort to be worthy for the consumers of natural mineral water who have increased in years.

In 1991 and 1992, Kınık started to offer the product types to its consumers with no deposit by the production of non-recycable bottles of Paşabahçe.

Year 2000; The Age of Technology and Growth For Kınık

In 1993 with the sudden death of M.Rauf Arıç, Didem Arıç(Kurdoğlu) started to carry the torch of administration at the Kınık trade mark. With her youth's vision and dynamism, Didem Kurdoğlu,who started to manage this important trade mark of Turkey at the young age, signed important achievements like the new factory construction and the introduction of the latest technology machines from Italy. Didem Kurdoğlu,who carried out a lot of firsts at mineral water sector, was found worthy of the title of The Most Successful Business Woman of the year in 2000 by Dünya Newspaper in Bursa.

After Didem Kurdoğlu’s marriage,Bilgi Arıç,the wife of deceased husband M.Rauf Arıç,and their children Berna Arıç and Ceyhun Arıç took over the chairman of the board.

With the investments made in early 2000s,Kınık started production of 4 lines in 27,000 m² open and 9,500 m² closed area.Kınık,making production for 24 hours a day with 165.000 bottle filling capacity per hour and 3 shifts, started to deliver its products all over Turkey and the world.

KINIK Tarihçe

Health to those who prefer to drink Kınık

In 2009,with initiatives to increase the product varieties the strategy of ‘’ Kınık Healthy Beverage Group’’ was established. Within the scope of this strategy besides natural mineral water, the production of Kınık Soda pop, Kınık Lemonade, the fruit flavoured mineral water Kınık Vio and the first and only real fruited in Turkey Kınık Activ Extra with rich minerals and vitamins was started.Today twenty pieces of products are offering health and coolness to their consumers.

Kınık,which drew the route of the beverage industry,is proud of being a well-established beverage brand consumed lovingly in the country and in the world with mastery over 60 years, technological production capability,storage power, widespread distribution and sales organization.

KINIK Tarihçe
KINIK Tarihçe
KINIK Tarihçe