INSTITUTIONAL / Our Sources and Facilities
The production buildings of Kınık Mineral Waters, established on the skirts of a unique nature, are located in the Mezit Boğazı, the richest area of the world in terms of natural spring waters, 16 km away from İnegöl,Bursa.

Kınık, with the machine park and the factory refurbished and expanded in 2000, is making production at 4 lines today in 27,000 m² open and 9,500 m² closed area.And the filling capacity of this production line is 165000 bottles per hour.The production of the Kınık products are carried out with 3 shifts working 24 hours uninterruptedly.

In terms of food safety and quality objectives, all Kınık products are being checked by the analyses performed in the laboratory environment at every stage of production.

Kınık products get ready to reach all over Turkey and the world as health and coolness in six and twenty-four packs being labelled in the automatic labeling band.

The rich Kınık mineral water, the gift of natural resources existing in this area, is taken to the production line by undergoing various filters and filled in non-returnable bottles with no hand touch.On production line, high-tech machines that are brought from Italy,the brand country on that sector, are being used.

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